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1. Q. How much does a lease cost?

We have put together a number of packages to suit a range of budgets. Outline prices and costs can be found in the product and licensing section. There is also a payment plan available

2. Q. When I purchase a License/Lease do I own the Instrumental?

NO, HI5FIVE MUSIC does not sell instrumentals our instrumentals are leased Non-Exclusively and Exclusively. All instrumentals are owned by HI5FIVE MUSIC you have purchased the rights to use the instrumental within limited restrictions.

3. Q. What is meant by leasing an Instrumental/beat?

A client pays a fee in order to have the rights of use of an instrumental for restricted use and limited time.

4. Q. What is a Non-Exclusive license?

A Non-Exclusive license also known as a Lease is simply when a client (licensee) rents an instrumental for a limited time with restricted use from the licensor (HI5FIVE). The licensor still owns the copyright and master of the track, therefore the instrumental can be leased to multiple clients.

5. Q. What is an Exclusive license?

An Exclusive license is solely granted to one client. Once an instrumental has been purchased exclusively, the rights to use the Instrumental cannot be resold. An Exclusive License has far fewer restrictions and limitations than A Non-Exclusive License.

6. Q. Should I purchase a Non-Exclusive or an Exclusive License?

This is to a great extent subject to the client and their individual circumstances. However additional important factors that should be taken into account may be the size or the budget of the intended project to be undertaken, generally as a rule, the larger the project and budget size the more likely you are to require a higher grade license.  For example, if the purchase is for assessment purposes, then no more than an MP3 single evaluation purchase is necessary whereas if a client requires an instrumental to go on an album it would be advisable to purchase an exclusive license.

7. Q. What happens if I purchase a Non-Exclusive license and then a third party purchases Exclusive rights for the same instrumental?

The Clients Non-Exclusive rights that are granted within the license agreement at purchase are maintained unaffected until the end of Term, whereupon all of the granted rights expire and are no longer valid. The instrumental will then not be available for further leasing. Please see License Specifications segment.

8. Q. When I purchase an instrumental, how soon will I receive it?

Following the purchase of an instrumental a download link will automatically be sent out instantly upon payment being received. Higher grade license purchases will include an additional download which will be despatched to the client within 3/5 working days please see the Product Delivery segment.

9. Q. Will the voice tags be removed when I purchase an instrumental?

Yes, when a client has purchased an instrumental, they will then receive the instrumental with all voice tags removed, with the exception of the Copper license MP3 single evaluation purchase in which the voice tags remain in place. Please see License Specification segment


10. Q. Can I use the single evaluation MP3 for commercial use?

No, the Copper License MP3 single is for evaluation purposes only, no commercial rights are granted and no other use is permitted.


11. Q. What are ITAC files?

Individual Track Audio Content Files or ITAC files abbreviated, also occasionally known as Track lines, Tracked out audio files or Stems. A musical composition’s individual audio tracks that collectively make up the complete instrumental. For example track one may be a bass guitar, track two a kick drum, track three a snare and so on. Collectively they form the completed instrumental while individually they are known as ITAC files.


12. Q. What is Music Synchronization Licensing?

In music industry terms, “music synchronization” is the process of playing an existing composition and/or audio recording in conjunction with a moving picture of any kind, i.e. TV show, commercial, film, video game, corporate presentation, YouTube clip, or radio commercials with voice-over etc. In order for someone to “sync” a particular instrumental to their project, show, commercial, movie, etc. they must obtain permission from the copyright holder and acquire what is called a synchronization license or “sync license.”


13. Q. I require a synchronization license do you provide this?

Absolutely, you require a Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond License that includes synchronization permissions, please take a look at our Sync Licensing Info pages for more information about what each grade license includes.


14. Q. Why use Hi5FIVE Music?

Because we credit ourselves as do our clients, on a high quality product and service, as making our customers happy is our priority from high profile clients to artists that are just starting out.


15. Q. Why do you call an instrumental a platform?

Here at HI5FIVE MUSIC we consider an instrumental to be a stage or a platform to which an artist can demonstrate and showcase their talents. For an artist that creative platform should be exceptional and as cutting edge as possible. There is a greater likelihood of success with a highly talented artist performing on an exceptional platform.


16. Q. I can perform on any beat and my talents will come across, why shouldn’t I just use any instrumental?

An artist can have exceptional talent as a singer or rapper with excellent lyrics. However in our experience if the Instrumental isn’t extremely captivating and cutting edge, the listening audience tends to switch off regardless of the artist talents. For an artist the instrumental is one of the captivating factors of their song, as we have mentioned, the platform to which they can shine and showcase their talent and to a large extent is the determining factor of the listening audience’s interest, and therefore the commercial success of a song, it is essential for an artist to have an excellent instrumental to accompany their talent.


17. Q. Why should I spend so much money on an instrumental?

For many years’ major artists and companies have purchased the best instrumentals from various top producers around the world for substantial amounts of money in order to have a great sounding album/synced music etc., they have known the importance of a top rated instrumental for many years. We have merely took this process and made it available for a range of budgets, placing great sounding instrumentals within the reach of lower budget projects.


18. Q. I have paid a lot of money but have not been successful with my project, what now?

As with anything, of course we cannot guarantee that you will be successful with your endeavour, however what we can guarantee is that your instrumental will be provided to a very high professional standard, setting you on a level playing field with established artists and professional organisations in terms of a professional quality instrumental with cutting edge sounds and original music. We recommend that you continue to pursue your vision as successful people in every industry often have many setbacks and failures before they succeed.


19. Q. Are your prises reasonable?

We would like to think so. In the scale of things we consider our prices to be very reasonable and an instrumental purchase can be considered a great investment.

A number of our previous clients mention how this is a great investment in themselves, in that they believe in their ability and talents as an artist and anticipate receiving a great return in their investment.


20. Q. I have made payment but I have not received a download link what should I do?

If the download is not received shortly following purchase firstly please check your junk mail folder, if you have not received a download link Please see the Product Delivery segment. If you still have not received a download link please contact customer services


21. Q. What type of Payments does HI5FIVE accept?

We accept all major credit/debit cards and PayPal

22. Q. Do you deal with clients that live outside of the United Kingdom? 

Absolutely, we regularly deal with clients that use our services from all over the world. There are no limitations imposed by HI5FIVE MUSIC with regard to your location.

23. Q. I don’t live in the UK, but there are UK currency limits in the licence agreement?

Live Performance Earnings limits are shown in the Pound Sterling currency, if you are based outside of the United Kingdom Simply calculate and convert the limit on your grade license from the UK currency to the currency of the country that you live in, this informs you of your Live Performance Earnings Limit converted to your countries currency.


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